By Matt Terl
October 27, 2011

Much of the discussion in the lead-up to last Sunday's Oakland Raiders matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs focused on the question of if quarterback Carson Palmer could possibly be ready to play -- or possibly even start -- after being via trade the preceding Tuesday.  When the game kicked off, Kyle Boller was the starting quarterback, seeming to confirm Palmer's unreadiness.

But when Boller threw three first-half interceptions, Palmer was brought in in relief ... and further confirmed his unpreparedness by going 8-for-21 for 116 yards with 3 interceptions.

On Wednesday, Palmer explained to 95.7 FM in even more detail just how little he knew of his new team's playbook, according to Dan Hanzus on about fifteen plays.

"Oh man, I knew like about 15 plays and we ran the same 15 plays over and over again," Palmer said, according to Hanzus.

The Raiders are on a bye this weekend.

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