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Dodgers' Attorney Says Victim May Be Partially Responsible For Own Beating

The family of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow has filed suit against the Los Angeles Dodgers and their owner, Frank McCourt, after Stow was beaten in the parking lot at Dodgers Stadium and spent several months in a coma with a fractured skull.  In response, McCourt and attorney Jerome Jackson filed a countersuit against the two men charged with beating Stow: Marvin Norwood and Louis Sanchez.

Speaking to Ramona Shelburne of ESPNLosAngeles after filing the countersuit, Jackson explained that a jury would have to determine how to distribute blame for the incident.

"You're saying to the jury, 'They (the Stow family) are saying we're 100 percent liable. But does that mean (Marvin) Norwood and (Louis) Sanchez, who beat this guy up, have no liability? And, does it mean Mr. Stow himself has no liability?' "

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