Keenan: Ovechkin Disrespected Coach Bruce Boudreau

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Versus analyst and former Stanley Cup winning coach Mike Keenan believes NHL star Alex Ovechkin disrespected Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau when he was benched in the final minutes of regulation in a tight one-goal game, according to the Washington Post. The Washington Capitals eventually won in overtime, 5-4 against the Anaheim Ducks.

In a video recap of the game, it appears Ovechkin mutters something to Boudreau at the 53 second mark. Keenan took this as a sign of disrespect.

“When is a teacher a great teacher?” Keenan says, "When the student is ready to learn."

In this case, Alex Ovechkin has to show a lot more respect to his coaching staff and to his team. There’s a response here that’s not a positive response. I give Bruce Boudreau a lot of credit for this decision. He’s delivering a message to a star player and his team. That kind of behavior on the ice is not acceptable, details have to be looked at if we’re going to be a championship team.”

“That’s tough. That was tough to make those decisions with your top players. And if the players are respectful, which…top players most of the time are. But he’s got to learn that. I don’t want to see that behavior from him again on the bench ever. You want to be a top player in this league, show respect.”

Keenan later says that the move by Boudreau to bench Ovechkin certainly worked, as the $13 million star left-winger came out strong in overtime with a great primary assist to Nicklas Backstrom on the overtime winner.