By Will Yoder
November 03, 2011

The NBA has launched a Twitter account, @NBA_Labor, in order to directly disseminate news about the collective bargaining negotiations directly to the fans from the league. As of Thursday morning the account has only posted four tweets, and has over 1,800 followers.

As of this writing, the only tweets from the account have been replies to NBA players and publications regarding facts surrounding the ongoing labor negotiations.

“@SportingNews: Incorrect. Amnesty $$$ WILL count towards plyrs’ total share of BRI and WILL NOT increase overall payout to plyrs,” one tweet said. The same tweet was also previously sent to the official account of the Sporting News.

“@CV31 @NazrMohammed: Owners last proposal was a 50/50 equal split of BRI, the agreed-upon revenue share btw league & players,” another tweet said, directed to NBA players Charlie Villanueva and Nazr Mohammed.

NBA's account saying

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