By Will Yoder
November 02, 2011

The NFL will reportedly instruct officials to be aware of concussion symptoms of players on the field, according to The announcement has been made in light of the head trauma and seizure suffered by San Diego Chargers offensive lineman Kris Dielman two weeks ago.

"We are taking the step on officials to make them alert to obvious concussion symptoms," Greg Aiello, the NFL's vice president of public relations, told ESPN. "We're not trying to train the officials to be doctors, but we're asking them to treat it like other injuries that may make it necessary to stop the game and get them medical attention, either on the field or by getting them off the field."

In the case of Dielman, the Chargers were reportedly unaware of his potential concussion until after the game. Dielman suffered a seizure upon landing in San Diego after taking a cross-country flight home.

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