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Theo Epstein Talking To Terry Francona About Cubs Job

When Theo Epstein took over the role of general manager with the Boston Red Sox, he inherited a manager, Grady Little. But the first manager Epstein actually hired himself was Terry Francona.  Francona would go on to win two World Series titles in Boston, ending that franchise's long, supposedly cursed title drought.

Now Epstein is general manager of the Chicago Cubs, another team with a long, supposedly cursed title drought, and he might be turning to the same manager to end it.  According to an ESPNChicago report, Epstein has been speaking to Francona about the vacant managerial position with the Cubs.

Here's how Epstein described the situation, according to ESPNChicago:

"Clearly he would be at the top of anyone's list as available managers. That's probably true of any organization looking for a manager with experience and who is a proven winner. He has to be at the very top of the list. I think he has to figure out if this is right for him, and then as we continue our process and figure out where we are headed, we have to figure out the right fit in this organization, too."

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