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Warren Sapp Says Albert Haynesworth's Career Is Likely Over

Warren Sapp was one of the greatest defensive tackles to ever play the game of football.  He's now a TV analyst for the NFL Network.  The confluence of those two roles makes him uniquely qualified to critique Albert Haynesworth, the talented but troubled defensive tackle who excelled with the Tennessee Titans, struggled with the Washington Redskins, and looked to redeem himself this year with the New England Patriots.

And critique Sapp has, laying into Haynesworth in an interview with Jeff Howe of NESN following Haynesworth's sudden release from the Patriots.

Sapp has any number of choice words for Haynesworth, according to Howe's story:

"A lazy guy," for example.

" I don't remember this guy playing like this, except when it was time to collect the contract. Don't go to his contract year. Go two years before the contract. Go three years before. He was a two-and-a-half sack guy for five years," for another.

Or this: "I don't think the greats of the game ever motivated him. I think it was a situation where he got a $100 million payday, and he was like, 'Oh, this is nice.'"

And, asked if he spends any time with Haynesworth, Sapp lowered the boom again: "No, because normally I'm at Pro Bowls and Super Bowls. You have to be on a certain level to be around. Bill Russell said it best. Champions like to hang around with other champions."

Howe reports that Sapp believes