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Dave Checketts Says Deal For CBA Framework In Place, Other Sources Disagree

Dave Checketts, the former president of the New York Knicks and the Utah Jazz, said on ESPN Radio 700 that the NBA and the NBPA have agreed on the framework for a new collective bargaining agreement. However, several other sources, including CBS’s Ken Berger, say that no deal has been reached. No official announcement of an agreement has been made from either side.

"Person in the room assures me that no agreement has been reached. They're about to hit the five-hour mark here in New York," Berg tweeted just before 5 p.m..

The NBA and the NBPA reportedly made “significant progress” in their discussions Wednesday night, Yahoo! Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted yesterday. The negotiations continued into Thursday with both sides reportedly optimistic about making a deal. The two sides are currently still in meetings in New York.

NBA commissioner David Stern had issued an ultimatum to players that said if they did not accept a proposed offer from the owners by 5 p.m. Wednesday, the next offer would be worse. The players did not agree to that offer, though there was enough progress in negotiations to extend that deadline into today.