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Former NFL Fullback Heath Evans Believes Penn State Football Should Be Shut Down

Former NFL fullback and current NFL Network analyst Heath Evans has spent much of his adult life crusading against childhood sexual abuse.  It's one of the main missions of his Heath Evans Foundation and something that his wife Beth Ann has spoken of dealing with in her own past.

So the ongoing child sex scandal surrounding former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky has struck close to home with Evans, and he went on The Jim Rome Show to explain just what he believes the punishment should be -- not for Sandusky, but for the entire Penn State program.

"I hate to say it for the young men that are there, but this program needs to be shut down," Evans said. "There should be no more games played.  This coaching staff, anyone that's been there for any length of time, needs to be dissolved.  These players should be allowed to transfer penalty-free, play next year.  The NCAA should even pay for their expenses to make the transition as easy as possible."

The reason Evans offered for his outrage is simple: "There is a moral obligation of knowing right from wrong," he said.  "This is appalling."

The scandal has already cost the jobs of several top officials at Penn State, including legendary head coach Joe Paterno.