By Matt Terl
November 11, 2011

There is still remarkably little news emerging from the kidnapping of Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos in his native Venezuela.  Scattered details of the abduction have started to appear, but there has been no reported word from the kidnappers, and no announced ransom request.

When that ransom request does arrive, though, the Washington Post's Nationals Journal reports, it is likely to be in the neighborhood of $10 to $20 million dollars.  The Post's Juan Forero is on the ground in Venezuela and spoke to an expert on local crime from a think-tank in Caracas:

He said with a big target like Ramos, a ballplayer who earned $415,000 in 2011, the culprits are likely to be part of a criminal organization, rather than a fly-by-night team. If they do make contact with the family, Cedeno said, it will likely not be to demand a dead-drop location but rather to give instructions in the first stage of a complex operation in which money is deposited in foreign accounts.

“Ten to 20 million dollars in this case,” he said. “That is what I would expect.”

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