By Will Yoder
November 14, 2011

NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony attended a player representatives meeting held in New York today to discuss the most recent labor deal the league has proposed, according to ESPN.

Neither Bryant nor Anthony are representatives for their respective teams, however it has been rumored that Bryant has supported the 50-50 split of basketball related income, an issue which has divided the union.

The new collective bargaining proposal from the league offers the players a choice between a 50-50 split of basketball related income or a 49-51 band.  It also includes an escrow system that reimburses owners for any amount that exceeds the negotiated BRI spent on player salaries. Some players, however, have been adamant about receiving more BRI.

The union’s executive committee reviewed the proposal Sunday night and has passed it on to the player reps to either endorse or reject it.  If the reps agree to the proposal, it will go to a vote of all players.  If it passes the vote, a 72-game season would begin on Dec. 15.  Should the players reject the new plan, the league will offer another proposal that players are more than likely to dislike.

Commissioner David Stern has stated that the current deal on the table is the best the league has to offer to the players.  He has also stated that decertifying the union will only create future problems.

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