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Alleged Sandusky Victim's Lawyer Says Client Will Testify to "Severe Sexual Assault"

One of the eight victims detailed in 23-page grand jury report against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky will pursue sexual assault charges against the alleged pedophile, The New York Times reports.

Ben Andreozzi, the victim’s lawyer, says that Sandusky’s recent proclamation of innocence on national television emboldened his client to pursue legal action against Sandusky. The lawyer reportedly called Sandusky a “coward” for his non-admittance of guilt.

Andreozzi went on to say Sandusky’s comments may have “backfired” and feels it may “have caused victims to be more motivated to testify against him.” His client claims he was assaulted many times and will testify to “severe sexual assault.” Andreozzi has advised other alleged victims in the Sandusky case.

Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, said in an NBC interview that the prosecution has witnesses saying they saw something, but they don’t have victims coming forward saying, “This is what Jerry did to me.” However, it appears this is no longer the case.