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Felix Jones Expected To Return As Backup To DeMarco Murray

In the four games that Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones has missed with a high ankle sprain, rookie running back DeMarco Murray has rushed for 601 yards.  Now Jones is apparently ready to return, and it appears he will do so as a backup against the Redskins this weekend.  According to the Cowboys Corner blog on, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed the moves on his local radio show:

"That's our plan," owner Jerry Jones said on his local radio show on KRLD-FM. "It looks like he can. I don't know just exactly how on top of his game he'll be, but man am I anxious to have both of those options out there and [DeMarco] Murray, that will be exciting."

In a separate post on the same blog, blogger Carlos Mendez asked Felix Jones about the new role at a Thanksgiving charity event; Jones declined to confirm the depth chart change and instead focused on his health.

“Really, it’s just about me getting back on the field,” he said Tuesday at the Salvation Army’s Collins Social Services Center in Dallas. “That’s the first thing. Once that happens, we’ll start talking about what’s going on on the field. Right now I’m just worried about my health, getting out there on the field.”