NHL Realignment Could Be Decided Today

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The Sports Network’s Bob McKenzie tweets that it’s highly likely that the National Hockey League will make a final decision today regarding realignment.

“There is a reasonable chance, if all goes well, that NHL realignment will be concluded by day's end,” McKenzie tweeted.

The board of governors is currently meeting at a Pebble Beach golf club to determine what the league will look like now that the Atlanta Thrashers have become the Winnipeg Jets.  It’s a contentious debate requiring a two-thirds vote of the 30 clubs to settle.

One proposal suggests that since the Winnipeg Jets are now located in the west, one of the Western Conference’s two Eastern-time-zone teams – the Columbus Blue Jackets or the Detroit Red Wings – should be moved to the Eastern Conference.

Another plan suggests that the NHL do away with the current system and instead create four conferences based on time zones.  The proponents of this plan believe it will balance the schedule, lessen travel times and give fans better viewing options.