By Matt Terl
December 05, 2011

Tiger Woods won an 18-player invitational tourney Sunday, the Chevron World Challenge at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California.  Although this wasn't a PGA event and did not carry the same level of importance as some of the wins Woods racked up prior to the emergence of his personal troubles in November 2009, it is his first victory of any sort since the Australian Masters that same month.

“It feels great,” said Woods, according to “It was a lot of fun coming down the stretch like that.”

On Twitter, though, Woods sounded a slightly different tone, asking "who's up for some ll cool j?" and including a link to a video of the rapper's 1991 hit "Mama Said Knock You Out."  The link is presumably an allusion to the song's famous opening couplet, "Don't call it a comeback/I've been here for years."

It would be difficult for Woods' career to actually parallel LL Cool J's.  When "Mama Said Knock You Out" was released, LL Cool J was a rap icon, but had released just three albums.  Since the single's stratospheric success (it won the 1992 Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance), he has gone on to release eight more full length albums, be nominated for seven more Grammy awards (winning one more, in 1997), and establish himself as an actor in cinema and television.

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