Report: Cardinals Believed To Have Upped Offer To Pujols To 10-Years, $220 Million

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The St. Louis Cardinals are believed to have upped their offer to free-agent first baseman Albert Pujols to 10-years, $220 million, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The Cardinals previous offer to Pujols was given in February, just before the slugger broke off talks with the club about a potential extension in order to focus on training for the 2011 season. That deal was believed to be worth $198 million over nine years. The club was forced to adjust their offer to stay in the running for Pujols yesterday, however, after the Miami Marlins made a strong push for the three-time Most Valuable Player. It is believed the Marlins offered him a 10-year deal that had a value of over $200 million.

It was reported that as of last night Pujols had received offers from three teams with a value of $200 million or greater; the Marlins, Cardinals and one “mystery team.” According to thePost-Dispatch, the Chicago Cubs, who were once believed to be one of the top bidders for Pujols, are not believed to currently be the third highest bidder for his services.