By Will Yoder
December 08, 2011

The “mystery team” who has offered a deal to coveted free-agent Albert Pujols is not the New York Yankees, according to a tweet from Buster Olney of

Yesterday it was reported by Jayson Stark of ESPN that a “mystery team” was still in the running for Pujols amid the two other teams known to have provided him a substantial offer. According to Stark, the reason that team is attempting to keep its identity a mystery is that they are still attempting to trade their established first baseman in order to make room for the three-time Most Valuable Player. As a result, some had speculated that the New York Yankees, who have been quiet this winter, may have been looking to move first baseman Mark Teixeira to make a run at Pujols.

The Los Angeles Angels and the St. Louis Cardinals are the two known teams who have offered the three time MVP slugger a deal a major. The Miami Marlins were in the market for Pujols until his agent Dan Lozano informed the club that the Marlins are out of the running.

offered Pujols a 10-year, $220 million contract

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