By Matt Terl
December 12, 2011

Two Tennessee Titans offensive lineman believe that someone on the New Orleans Saints' sideline was blowing a whistle to disrupt the Tennessee offense, according to a report from's Paul Kuharsky.

The linemen, Jake Scott and Michael Roos, claim that there was a whistle being blown late in the game and that they believed the sound was coming from the Saints' bench area.  There is evidence beyond the players' word: Roos was wired for the Titans' in-house TV show, "Titans All Access," and the show's producer Dean McCondichie tells Kuharsky that he can hear the whistle through the microphone Roos is wearing:

"During the game we heard this whistle blowing, but they weren't stopping the game, they just kept playing," he said. "They were loud enough for me to hear it on the microphone on him. They were all trying to figure out why play continued. I asked them if they knew where it came from and they said the New Orleans bench. Nobody saw it, but it was pretty loud and it was definitely a whistle.

"The best I will be able to do tomorrow is say, 'Yeah, there is that whistle.' I can confirm it was loud enough for the Titans left tackle and several of his teammates to hear it during the play."

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