By Will Yoder
January 16, 2012

Ray Lewis, who prior to this season said that he would likely retire if the Baltimore Ravens managed to win the Super Bowl this season, now says he might be willing to stick around to try and win it again, according to the Baltimore Sun. 

“Let me sum it up for all players: this is a one-time thing,” Lewis said. “We don’t get youth back, so there isn’t any coming back to this for me. If we go win the Super Bowl this year, what am I supposed to look at my team and say? Individually, ‘I have two, I’m done.’ Or do I look at my fellas and say, ‘Let’s scrap it up one more time, let’s see if we can make this run one more time.’ That’s all what the legacy is about: togetherness and to hoist that Lombardi with my boys. There is nothing I wouldn’t give up for that.”

The former Super Bowl MVP finished the season with 95 total tackles, two sacks, two forced fumbles and one interception this year.  Throughout his illustrious career he has tallied 2,004 tackles, 40.5 sacks, and 31 interceptions.

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