By Evan Hilbert
February 07, 2012

The NBA released a statement Monday regarding a goaltending call in the Portland Trail Blazers game with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The play in question occurred late in regulation, when LaMarcus Aldridge appeared to block a Kevin Durant layup attempt. A goaltend was called, which tied the game with six seconds left. The Thunder eventually won in overtime.

"With the benefit of slow motion replay following the game, it has been determined that Aldridge made contact with the ball just before the ball hit the backboard. Therefore, this should have been ruled a good block and goaltending was the incorrect call," the NBA said, in a statement.

Referees cannot use instant replay to review a possible goaltending violation, but Blazers coach Nate McMillan thought the block was good at first glance.

"I thought it was a good block. That game should have been over," McMillan said after the game, according to the Associated Press.

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