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Rangers' Josh Hamilton Admits 'Serious Issue' With Alcohol Abuse

Josh Hamilton spoke publicly tonight for the first time since the alcohol relapse that set him back two weeks ago, saying in an interview that he's undergoing counseling and “doing things right a day at a time.”

Hamilton granted an exclusive interview to Pastor James Robinson on Glenn Beck’s live streaming video network tonight, in which he admitted his addiction was a serious issue and said he was undergoing counseling both individually and with his wife.

“We’re taking this as, obviously it’s a serious issue,” Hamilton said. “I had a slip-up in ‘09 and moving past that, it was, OK, I’m fine. OK, it was just one night, everything’s over and we didn’t really move back towards well, what caused some slip-up?

“So this time, it’s not just, ‘OK, it happened, we’ll move past it and maybe it won’t happen again,’” he said. “We want to find out why it continues to happen.”