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Nationals' Wilson Ramos, Post-Kidnapping: 'I've Got A New Life'

It's been three months since Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnapped at gunpoint in his native Venezuela, but the youngster is now back with his teammates for spring training, refreshed and ready to resume his career in the States.

"I feel like I'm living again," Ramos told the AP. "I've got a new life. Everybody in my family is happy with me. My family before was a little separated, and now everybody's together. So that's good for me and my family. I'm happy for that, and I will play hard for my family and my team."

Ramos was taken away from his family on Nov. 9 -- he was later rescued by authorities in a violent confrontation. Ramos is now ready to put the incident behind him -- he was in good spirits today at the Nats' first day of pitchers' and catchers' workouts at spring training, and he thanked his fans for having his back.

"They give me a lot of support," Ramos said. "They believe in me, so they helped me a lot with everything. During the games everybody clapped their hands and said a lot of good words for me. "