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Magic Johnson Advises Kobe Bryant To Talk With Jim Buss

Magic Johnson advises Kobe Bryant to meet with Los Angeles Lakers vice president of player personnel Jim Bus and not general manager Mitch Kupchak if he wants to resolve his problems with management, particularly with the rumors swirling over a possible trade of Pau Gasol, according to ESPN Los Angeles.

"We have to remember now, it's not Mitch's situation anymore," Johnson told ESPN. "(Kupchak is) not running the team," Johnson said. "Jim Buss is running the team. So, Mitch has to follow the direction of Jim Buss and what he wants… I think what Kobe really probably wants is just be informed.” Johnson added.

Bryant had publicly expressed his issues with team management regarding Gasol’s trade status. Bryant believes they are hindering the power forward from performing at his full potential with the trade deadline approaching March 15.