By Evans Clinchy
February 24, 2012

A collective sigh of relief was heard around Wisconsin tonight as Ryan Braun was exonerated of allegations of performance-enhancing drug use -- and perhaps no one was more relieved than Doug Melvin, the GM of Braun's Milwaukee Brewers.

"As a general manager, you’re pretty excited to know that we have one of the best player in the game, MVP, back in the lineup," Melvin said in an interview with Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. "To end the long wait ... started to get a little impatient. But we stayed patient with the entire process and let it serve its course."

Braun tested positive for PEDs in October, and the result was leaked Dec. 10. Braun was initially suspended for 50 games, but he appealed the suspension and was finally able to overturn it today.

"We knew that it would be a lengthy process, probably a little bit longer than we had anticipated," Melvin said. "It hasn’t been done, I don’t think, before, so in that regard, the first time, I think it was new to everybody. We did make some decisions as a front office with our ballclub, but we also didn’t want to overreact, because we really did trust Ryan."

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