By Evan Hilbert
February 25, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said Saturday that the team would be "crazy" not to at least consider quarterback Peyton Manning, according to Manning's agent has met with Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli twice, according to the report.

The Chiefs currently have Matt Cassell on the roster, and Kyle Orton was impressive during a short stint with the team last season.

“I’m not supposed to talk about anybody else’s players, and he’s still a player with Indianapolis," Crennel said, according to the report. "But with a talent like that, I would be crazy not to consider it, if he were available. So I’ll leave it at that.”

Still, the coach didn't ignore Orton's achievements last season, even attributing the quarterback with removing the coach's interim tag.

“If it were not for Kyle, I would not be standing here either, so I’m very appreciative of what he’s done,” Crennel said. “But until we get another quarterback on the team, Cassel is the guy. Now, if we get Kyle on the team — if he comes back to us — then we’ll see how it works out and we’ll play the best guy.”

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