By Evan Hilbert
March 03, 2012

Dallas Mavericks forward Lamar Odom will play an NBDL game Saturday night before returning to the Mavs Monday, but coach Rick Carlisle says that he needs to prove that he is "in" with the team, according to

"(Team owner) Mark (Cuban) asks a fundamental question of anybody in our franchise: Are they in or are they not in?" Carlisle said on a Dallas radio show Friday, according to the report. "Our fans want to know that Lamar's in. Our players want to know that Lamar's in. It's not about how many points he's scoring or rebounds; those things are a factor. Our fans, our players want to see the guy playing like his pants are on fire and we haven't seen that so far and that's got to change."

Point guard Jason Kidd also expressed concern over the situation.

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