Bobby Jenks Arrested For DUI

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The Boston Red Sox reliever pitcher, Bobby Jenks was arrested for DUI, destruction of personal property and leaving the scene of an accident early Friday morning in Ft. Meyers Florida, according to USA Today.

Jenks is no stranger to alcohol related issues. In 2002 he was demoted by the Anaheim Angels for bringing beer onto the team bus. However, he attempted to combat rumors about his drinking in 2010 when he told ESPN Chicago that he had given up alcohol.

"I no longer drink," Jenks told ESPN Chicago. "No alcohol at all. Not even a beer here or there. Just things like that, really focusing on the future. It was a personal choice. It hadn't gotten too much. I just found myself not wanting to [drink] anymore. I just wanted to be more of a family man. Then this last year, I came to Christ and that was a big influence on my life."

As for the Red Sox’s plan of action, "We're aware of it and are still gathering information," Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington told USA Today. It is likely that they will make a decision on Jenks status once all of the information has been collected and evaluated.

Jenks appeared in 19 games for the Red Sox in 2011, where he recorded 6.32 ERA and 17 strikeouts. He is currently on the 60-day disabled list after back surgery and a pulmonary Embolism in December, and had to have an additional surgery due to complications with his first procedure.