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Rangers Football Club Owner Craig Whyte Banned For Life

The Scottish Football Association has banned Rangers Football Club owner Craig Whyte for life from any involvement in Scottish football, according to BBC Sport. The SFA has also fined and imposed a 12-month transfer embargo on the club.

"It doesn't affect my life, I'm just disappointed what it does to Rangers. It's an outrage," Whyte told BBC Sport.

He added: "It's a joke, a complete joke. They've never spoken to me. [Chief executive] Stewart Regan and [president] Campbell Ogilvie had dinner with me in November and they told me it wouldn't be a problem. Now they're just reacting to all of the publicity since February. Rangers fans can see where the SFA are coming from. We're Scotland's biggest club. They should be helping us, not kicking us when we're down. Rangers fans will remember this for a long time."

Whyte and the Rangers are punished for breaking multiple different rules, such as the rule for “bringing the game into disrepute.” Additionally, the club was also found guilty for acting in an improper manner and failure to pay Dundee United gate receipts, according to the BBC.