By Evan Hilbert
April 27, 2012

New York Mets starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey's season is likely over, as it is a near-certainty that Pelfrey will have surgery on his elbow, according to

Pelfrey originally planned to wait the injury out, until an MRI showed more serious structural damage.

"There was an 80 percent chance I was still going to have surgery," Pelfrey said, according to the report. "I thought it was the best case for me to just go ahead and do it. I'm supposed to go down and visit Andrews personally. We'll go from there, but I think surgery is about 99 percent."

Pelfrey has apparently come to terms with the decision.

"It's only been three days, and I have no idea what to do with myself," Pelfrey said. "I'm sure everybody's tired of me bugging them, because I've been all over the last few days. I've never been hurt in my life, and for me it was weird. I went for a precautionary MRI so he could tell me I have tendinitis, and they ended up saying I have a tear. It's tough, but I wish these guys the best."

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