By Evan Hilbert
April 27, 2012

The New York Yankees acquired starting pitcher Michael Pineda in the offseason from the Seattle Mariners in a deal that sent up-and-coming star Jesus Monteron out west. With Pineda now sidelined for the season with a torn labrum, Yanks general manager Brian Cashman is reconsidering the deal.

"Right now, our hopes and dreams for this player are in jeopardy,'' Cashman told of Pineda. "Hopefully, someday, our fans will get to see what we expected to see from him for many years to come.''

Cashman insists Pineda passed a physical that included an MRI a few days after the trade.

"I can tell you we did everything possible to be sure Michael Pineda was healthy," Cashman said, according to the report. "All I can do is lay out the facts; I can't control what people believe. There are no secrets in Yankeeland, nor should there be. If something's there, it will eventually get out. I'm not going to compound the situation by lying about it.''

Instead of shying away from criticism, though, Cashman has decided to take it head-on.

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