By Will Yoder
May 08, 2012

In a radio appearance on MLB Network Radio’s Ripken Baseball with his brother, Billy, Cal Ripken said he did not agree with Cole Hamels explanation for hitting Bryce Harper in Sunday’s game against the Washington Nationals.

“Usually there’s a spark for why you do it. Somebody bunts when you’re up eight runs, or you’re stealing third base when you’re up 10 or 11 runs in the seventh inning. There are real reasons on how you play the game, and embarrass the game. That’s old school. But just to come up and drill somebody for no reason, I don’t remember that being old school,” Cal Ripken said, as transcribed by DC Sports Bog. 

Hamels was levied a five game suspension yesterday after admitting to intentionally throwing at Washington Nationals rookie. After the game, Hamels claimed that he threw at the 19-year-old because he’s “old school.”

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