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Red Sox' David Ortiz Defends Slumping Albert Pujols, Calls Him 'Bad Mother-[Expletive]"

Albert Pujols is going through a hellacious slump in his first couple of months as a Los Angeles Angel, but his peers still have faith in him. Especially Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, who knows a thing or two about fighting through power outages at the plate.

"Albert Pujols? Let me tell you something about Albert Pujols," Ortiz told ESPN Boston. "Albert Pujols is a bad mother f---er. The baseball world needs Albert Pujols."

Pujols went over a month without a single home run in an Angels uniform, with his first finally coming on May 6. Ortiz has similarly had terrible starts in recent years, especially 2009. He was without a home run until May 20 that year, with a .218 batting average through 106 games.

"I spent two months with one home run, and I got exhausted mentally and physically," he says. "But it was more mental because it was too much of me trying different things and trying to figure out why I wasn't hitting homers."