By Alexander Abnos
June 05, 2012

Kurt Busch has found himself in hot water with his owner after his most recent outburst. (Todd Warshaw, Getty Images)

Kurt Busch hasn't won many new fans over the past several months, with a series of wrecks, disputes, and outbursts tainting his image. Now it appears even the president of his team is getting fed up. NASCAR suspended Busch for a week yesterday after threatening a reporter at Dover over the weekend, in addition to extending his probation to the end of the year. Phoenix Racing owner James Finch expressed his frustrations and urged Busch to get back on track today in an interview with SiriusXM's NASCAR channel, published in USA Today.

"Here's the deal: Quit wrecking the cars, get a good finish, be nice to people. That's not real hard to do."

Finch also intimated that Phoenix is having trouble getting sponsors because of Busch's repeated bad behavior.

"It's affecting me. If I can't get a sponsor, I can't keep running without a sponsor," Finch said. "That's a slow death. I don't want to do that.

"Hopefully if we can get Kurt's mind right, we can win some races. If we can't get his mind right so we can race into the future, then I'll go do something else. It's just that simple."

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