Michigan coach Brady Hoke talks Michigan State rivalry

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Michigan coach Brady Hoke led his team to a Sugar Bowl victory last season, but the team has lost four straight to rival Michigan State. (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)


Most would assume that a definition of a football rivalry has more than geographical location to make it compelling. It hasn't been much of a rivalry in the annual Michigan-Michigan State game as the Spartans have beaten the Wolverines four years in a row.

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke told 450 high school football players at a camp this week exactly how he feels about it, reports annarbor.com.

"We play an in-state rivalry game against Michigan State, and they have beat our ass for the last four years," Hoke said to the players. "There's no other way to put that. It's been an ass-kicking. Just being honest with you. Pardon me about my language, but it's true."