Colt McCoy's brother: Browns are going "downhill"

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Recent reports say that the Cleveland Browns are ready to part with Colt McCoy, with rookie Brandon Weeden taking his place as the Browns' starter. McCoy may not have a new team yet, but his brother Case thought that he did.

Case McCoy, a quarterback at the university of Texas, saw a tweet from a fake ESPN account saying that his brother had been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. In subsequent tweets (since deleted), the younger McCoy let loose on his brother's supposed former team, saying ""Good luck Brandon! Fan of you, but my brother's pulling the lucky straw on this one! Cleveland  is only going downhill!," according to a report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Realizing his mistake, Case McCoy then got down to damage control, before apologizing for the whole ordeal earlier today.

Colt McCoy remains on the Browns' trading block, with no rumored destinations at this time.