By Bill Carey
June 22, 2012

UPDATE: The Longhorn Network will no longer televise Texas Tech's game with Texas State, which should end talk of cancelling the game, reports's Chip Brown.


Texas Tech learned in recent days that its September 8 game with Texas State would be played on the Longhorn Network, and the school is so opposed to that plan that it is considering cancelling the game, reports's Chris Level and Aaron Dickens (via the Big Lead's Ty Duffy).

The Red Raiders knew that the game would be played on an ESPN outlet, but just found out that it would be the Longhorn Network, the University of Texas-focused ESPN channel that has caused much trouble between Big 12 schools in the past year.

Level and Dickens report that a source tells them the school is "adamantly opposed to playing on the Longhorn Network" and "putting serious consideration into canceling the game and playing an 11-game schedule." Texas Tech would have to pay a buyout fee to cancel the game.

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