By jonathanjones9
July 16, 2012

The Freeh report concluded Joe Paterno lied about his knowledge of Jerry Sandusky's activities. His family wants to prove the report wrong. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The Freeh report didn't paint the late Joe Paterno in a positive light, and now his family wants to conduct a review of its own regarding the facts presented in the report.

According to's Don Van Natta Jr., the Paterno family has instructed its lawyer, Wick Sollers, to gather a group of experts to review the facts and conclusions drawn by former FBI director Louis Freeh and his team in the Freeh report.

"We are dismayed by, and vehemently disagree with, some of the conclusions and assertions and the process by which they were developed by the Freeh Group," Sollers said in a statement Monday. "Mr. Freeh presented his opinions and interpretations as if they were absolute facts. We believe numerous issues in the report, and his commentary, bear further review."

The Freeh Group interviewed more than 430 people during the course of seven months. They also investigated more than three million documents and emails. On Thursday, the 267-page report was released, and it showed Paterno, among other things, had lied about his knowledge of a 1998 investigation into Jerry Sandusky.

The Paterno family adamantly disagrees with the notion that the legendary head coach participated in a coverup to hide bad publicity, as the report states.

"It can certainly be asserted that Joe Paterno could have done more," Sellers said. "He acknowledged this himself last fall. But to claim that he knowingly, intentionally protected a pedophile is false."

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