By Marc Weinreich
July 18, 2012

Cole Hamels will reportedly receive a $130 million offer from the Phillies. (Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Phillies plan to offer their pitcher Cole Hamels $130 million over six years, according to a report on Wednesday from Jon Heyman of

The Phillies are sending signals that they are planning to make an initial offer to star lefthanded pitcher Cole Hamels for about $130 million over six years within the next few days.

The team is hoping to reach a decision with Hamels before the end of July; if they can't reach a deal, the team will look to trade him ahead of the July 31 deadline.

Heyman reported that the team is looking to lock-up Hamels with the same kind of contract Matt Cain signed with the San Francisco Giants this year. Cain is making $15 million this year with the Giants and signed a $112.5-million, five-year extension this past spring. As Heyman points out, Hamels could seek more than $130 million because "he's lefthanded and has a higher winning percentage (.594 to Cain's .510)."

The Phillies remain committed to re-signing Hamels, and Heyman reported that although $130 million may be enough to keep him, "the numbers may well go up from there."

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