By Scooby Axson
July 20, 2012

WNBA already has sponsorship ads on their player's jerseys and the NBA could soon follow suit. (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBA/Getty Images)

A study by Forbes Magazine said the NBA's new sponsorships on jerseys approval could net the league upwards of $100 million per season, reports

The guidelines for jersey ads are expected to be approved by the NBA Board of Governors in September so that the ads could be seen on jerseys in the 2013-14 season.

NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver said the patches would be 2.5 inches-by-2.5 inches. They would feature the names of companies -- think McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Kia, Apple -- and would put the NBA in lock step with international sports leagues whose player uniforms routinely are adorned with ads. WNBA teams already have sponsorship logos on their jerseys, but the NBA would be the first of the four major American pro sports leagues to take the plunge.

The reports said the Los Angeles Lakers could bring $4 million from ads on jerseys while the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics could generate about $3 million each.

"I think it's fair to say that our teams were excited about the opportunity and think there is potentially a big opportunity in the marketplace to put a two by two patch on the shoulder of our jerseys," Silver said. "My sense is that every team is in favor of doing this in some form."

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