By Alexander Abnos
July 23, 2012

UPDATE: 6:44 p.M. EST

FOX's Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Braves still believe they will still get Dempster.


UPDATE: 3:49 P.M. EST:

Ryan Dempster himself has thrown a wrench into the reports below, claiming in a tweet that he has not been traded.

In fact, according to other twitter reports, all appears to be normal.


Ryan Dempster has been traded to the Atlanta Braves, according to tweets from multiple sources.

The exact terms of the deal - including who and/or what the Cubs will get in return - are not yet known for certain. The Cubs were in negotiations with the Los Angeles Dodgers in addition to the Braves, but decided that the Braves offer for Dempster was simply too good to pass up.

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