By Bill Carey
July 23, 2012

Former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, now the winningest football coach in FBS history after the NCAA vacated 111 of Joe Paterno's wins, said in a statement that there was "no rejoicing" today.


Bowden, whose 377 wins were well behind Paterno's 409, spoke to the Tallahasee Democrat's Jim Henry earlier in the day.

"It is something I thought as far as my role was concerned was over -- that was second place," Bowden told Henry. "I guess on paper I have more wins than the rest of them. I don't want people thinking I am glad that happened so I can do this. All the things that have happened aren't worth it. Not worth it all. I am thankful. I still know what I did and know what Joe did.

"I wasn't expecting it like this and didn't want it to happen like this. Wish I could have earned it, but that is the way it is."

Bowden's son Tommy, the former Clemson coach, told's David Hale that the record was "insignificant."

"His record speaks for itself, and it's my father so you'd like to be happy for him," Tommy Bowden said. "But under the circumstances, it pales in comparison to how significant those problems are and the lives that have been effected." ..."It's such an insignificant thing. You have to put it in context."

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