By Marc Weinreich
August 08, 2012

Adrian Peterson could be back at Vikings practice on Sunday after tearing his ACL in December. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will reportedly meet with head coach Leslie Frazier on Wednesday night to discuss the possibility of returning to practice on Sunday, according to Tom Pelissero of

According to the report, the Vikings' plan is to hold Peterson in Minnesota while the team travels to San Francisco for Friday's exhibition opener against the 49ers, and then bring him back to practice at home on Sunday.

Peterson said that whenever he does return, he won't be wearing a knee brace because it will affect him mentally:

"I'm not trying to have that mentally -- 'I've got this knee brace on' so you're kind of playing timid or you're kind of thinking a little more. I'm just going all natural like I've been."

Frazier said Peterson's receovery from knee surgery has been "extremely positive" and that there are no reasons to believe he won't be ready for the season opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars on September 9.

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