By alin0303
August 17, 2012

We're not sure what's more newsworthy about this Access Hollywood interview with U.S. swimming star Ryan Lochte on the set of The CW's 90210: the first glimpse of Lochte's scenes from his Oct. 29 appearance on the show or his admission that he would consider being The Bachelor.

Lochte filmed several lines of dialogue for his 90210 cameo, and it would be irresponsible not to note that he delivered all of them shirtless. The most significant from a sports perspective: Pointing to a rope ladder, Lochte emotes, "I would love to race Phelps on that."

Moving on, Lochte said that he has not yet heard from Bachelor producers. But asked if he would consider an offer to appear on the show, he replied, "I'd think about it and I definitely would [consider it]. Before, I was training so much that I didn't have time for a girlfriend, 'cause I wanted to give that perfect someone my heart. Now that the Olympics are over, I definitely want to settle down."

Without further ado, full video from Access Hollywood below:

[brightcove vid=1787380488001&exp3=1490276379001&surl=,AAABAY6g5IE~,g0_gr83Y4h2gsONEuiYgmhMw_6Z52KwP&lbu=]

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