Two Penn State trustees agree with Graham Spanier's jabs at Freeh Report

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At least two Penn State trustees are critical of Freeh Report. (Williams Thomas Cain/Getty Images)


At least two Penn State trustees agree with former university president Graham Spanier's attorneys' challenge of the Freeh Report.

Jan Murphy of The Patriot-Newsreports:

None of them are ready to accept the findings by former FBI director Louis Freeh that insisted Spanier, former football coach Joe Paterno, athletic director on leave Tim Curley and former vice president Gary Schultz covered up a report of a child molestation to protect the university's reputation. "There's a lot more to come out about this. The Freeh report I think is questionable in a lot of areas," Clemens said.

Recently elected trustee Anthony Lubrano said following the news conference called by attorney Timothy Lewis in Philadelphia, "I have said that the conclusions reached by Louis Freeh are based on facts not in evidence so I don't agree with his conclusions. Today we heard from Judge Lewis and Spanier's counsel that apparently they don't agree with the conclusions either."

He noted that despite the NCAA sanctions and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education's accreditation warning that was based on the Freeh report's conclusions, "the board has never accepted the findings of the Freeh report."

Also at the news conference, which Spanier did not attend, was longtime trustee Al Clemens, who agreed that Lewis' comments further shake his confidence in the Freeh report. He said that report based a lot of its conclusions on two email series that seemed to implicate Spanier, Paterno, Schultz and Curley in a cover-up.