By Tim Polzer
September 10, 2012

Boston GM Ben Cherington's waiver moves have been leaked. (J. Meric/Getty Images)

Rob Bradford of reports, from an industry source, that Major League Baseball is investigating media leaks surrounding the Boston Red Sox waiver wire activities in August.

Those inside the Red Sox organization have not been targeted:

MLB has told the Red Sox, however, that the organization is not under suspicion for leaking any of the information. (Teams are usually motivated to not have such information leaked out due to reaction from their own players, along with possible ramifications for any potential trades.)

MLB rules prohibit teams or persons from divulging waiver information. Those found guilty can be fined.

"That's a lot of money somebody needs to be forking out, because all that [does] is put stress in guys heads," Red Sox Cody Ross said regarding the trend when asked on Aug. 24. "It's B.S. basically. I've never in my life seen it [like it was in August], and it shouldn't happen."
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