By Scooby Axson
September 14, 2012

Anthony Hargrove again denied to ESPN that he had nothing to do with the bounty scandal that got him suspended for eight games. That suspension was overturned by an appeals court. (Matthew Sharpe/Getty Images)

Free agent Anthony Hargrove again stated that he had nothing to do with the bounty scandal that got him initially suspended, reports  An appeals court overturned his suspension and three other players last week.

"I told the truth," Hargrove said. "I said the same thing then that I'm saying now, and that some players have said under oath."

When asked what are the chances of his suspension being lifted entirely, he said, "Probably have a better chance at hitting a hole-in-one."

A league source said that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be present in a Monday meeting with Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and a Tuesday meeting with the other three suspended players, including Hargrove.

"I don't think any of the evidence they have against myself or any other players is strong," Hargrove said.  "And so I've taken a stand in the beginning and I continue to have the same stand, as innocent. "But I've just got to go by what the NFL does, and hopefully the truth will come, will come to the surface, and I'll be back to playing football."

Hargrove was suspended for eight games and said he didn't think the process was fair. He was released by the Green Bay Packers at the end of training camp.

"The process for player discipline is negotiated with the NFL Players Association and has been part of the NFL's success in protecting the integrity of the game and player safety for many decades," a statement from the NFL said. "It is a system that the players have approved on multiple occasions, including again in 2011. Our investigation was detailed and the players were offered numerous opportunities to provide information. We are pleased that Mr. Hargrove has finally decided to meet with us and look forward to hearing directly from him and other players next week."

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