By Tim Polzer
October 10, 2012

Charlie Weis' first season as Kansas head coach got off to a shaky start when the Jayhawks lost their second game to Rice, beginning what now stands as a four-game losing streak.

Weis is now feeling more heat for his treatment of a reporter for the university's student newspaper. The contentious relationship with the Daily Kansan began last week with the newspaper's cover article, penned by Blake Schuster, predicted a Kansas State win over Kansas.

Weis reacted to the cover and story with a tweet:

The conflict escalated yesterday when Schuster reported that KU director of football communications Katy Lonergan discouraged him from asking a question at Weis' press conference:

...Lonergan told him it would be in his best interest not to ask questions.

Before the weekly football press conference, Lonergan invited Schuster to a meeting in her office with Mike Cummings, assistant director of communications for KU Athletics. During the meeting, Lonergan warned Schuster about possible negative reactions to last Thursday’s Kansan cover art and story. She told him these negative attitudes could be directed toward him.

As the news traveled via Twitter, college football and national columnists weighed in on the story, as well as, Weis' reputation and history:

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