By Kimie Bunyasaranand
October 23, 2012

The NHL's memo to general managers and owners detailing the topics of discussion allowed with players was obtained by Yahoo! Sports. The memo was sent to teams last week and details were released on Tuesday afternoon. In it, the league prohibited teams from negotiating with players and asking specific question related to the ongoing lockout:

YOU MAY NOT: "Negotiate" with a Player.  This means you may not explore alternatives or variations to the proposals on the table from either side because that would be prohibited "direct dealing."  You may not ask "What do you want?" or "What do the Players want?"  or "What should the League propose?

The memo also insisted that teams have players go through the NHLPA and restricted any discussion regarding the league's position on hypothetical proposals:

If he volunteers what he has in mind you should not respond positively or negatively or ask any questions but instead refer him to the NHLPA.  Likewise, you may not suggest hypothetical proposals that the League might make in the future or that the League might entertain from the Union.

The memo also stated that a failure to comply would likely set the league back in efforts to end the lockout and be considered a violation of an NHL by-law.

Nick Cotsonika reported on Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly's response to the memo via Twitter:

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