By Tim Polzer
November 19, 2012

The Eagles reportedly could lessen Michael Vick's concussion status this week. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images) reports Michael Vick could be ready to play next week, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

With the Eagles struggling (again) on offense and defense and rookie quarterback Nick Foles not playing very well, the Eagles no longer have any reason to overstate the condition of Vick following the “significant” concussion suffered last Sunday.

It’s believed that the Eagles applied the “significant” label to justify keeping Vick on ice, in the event that Foles played well. Now that Foles hasn’t played well, we could see Vick back sooner than believed.

It's been widely speculated since the Eagles' 2012 spiral that Foles, rather than Vick, would be in the team's future plans at quarterback.

Either way, we likely won’t see Vick in Philly after this season — unless the next coach really wants him and Vick is willing to dramatically reduce the money he’s due to earn in 2013.

The $100 million deal Vick signed in 2011 pays him $16 million next season, but just $3 million is guaranteed if he's still on the Eagles roster three days after the Super Bowl. The Eagles can cut Vick prior to that without owing him and with no charge to their 2013 salary cap.

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