By Brian Kotloff
November 20, 2012

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has agreed to 13 of the NHLPA's 17 main issues, according to a report. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

While the core issues of the NHL lockout are still being discussed, the two sides have agreed on several terms, according to a Toronto Star report.

Those issues include: moving up the date that teams can sign free agents from July 1 to June 15; allowing cap space to be included in transactions; creating a joint health committee; eliminating re-entry waivers; appointing a third-party arbitrator to deal with appeals for on- and off-ice discipline; and establishing minimum roster requirements.

In total, Commissioner Gary Bettman has agreed to 13 of the NHLPA's 17 issues, although the smaller agreements are being nullified by the lack of an overall agreement.

“Right now, nothing is agreed on because we won’t agree to anything until we get a deal on core economics,” said one insider familiar with the NHL’s positions. “But this is stuff where we said, ‘Okay, we’ll go there.’ ”

There’s no question the key issues — money (including revenue sharing), contract restraints and who pays for damage caused by the lockout — remain outstanding. Just how far the NHLPA moves, if it does indeed make a substantial new offer, will determine where talks are headed.

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